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Where to Eat and Drink

Are you planning to visit Javea for your holidays this year? Or perhaps you live in the Costa Blanca and are planning a trip. Javea has many different options from traditional Spanish Cuisine to English, Indian, Italian, Chinese and many more European and Oriental restaurants.

If you’ve visited Javea before you will know the bars on the sea front offer a good standard of food and drinks, but, can often have inflated prices for the sea view. I’ve chosen various restaurants in and around Javea where you can get excellent quality food at very reasonable prices. The restaurants I have chosen all provide lunch or dinner for less than 30 euros a couple.

Traditional Spanish

Negros – This restaurant is located between the Arenal Beach and the Port. It is on the main seafront road, with great views of the med. The menu has a wide selection at varying prices. The paella for two, which is excellent quality, will set you back apx 10 euros per head. Perfect for enjoying that Spanish holiday or living the Spanish life.

The restaurant Calima in the port offers a lot of sophistication and their lunchtime menu, although small portions is delicious. The Restaurant has a wonderful setting over looking the port. This is a lunchtime budget place, evening meals will cost around 40/50 euros a head! Always look out for expensive restaurant´s menu of the day at lunchtimes, you can often get great food for a fraction of the price.

Jose’s – In the old town, behind the post office (correos) offer a huge selection of tapas, with a warm friendly service, it’s owner speaks fluent English. They also offer a menu del dia that again will cost less than 10 euros a head. There are several similar tapas bars and set menu bars in the old town. There are some very good ones around the church area. If you are on holiday and are worried about the language, don’t be, as most restaurant owners and staff speak English, although, being rude and raising your voice to be understood will not endear you. Say “buenos dias” or “buenos tardes” followed by “hablar ingles” (good day or good afternoon/evening do you speak English). The response you will probably get will be un poco (a little), which you’ll probably find means they can speak it very well in comparison to your Spanish. The Spanish have a similar sense of humour to the English, although sometimes it’s a bit Benny Hill-ish, so don’t be shy have a laugh and a joke with them.

The restaurant El Faisan on the main road in the Arenal area has an all day menu, the price depends on the main course you order, with that you get a starter and pudding included.


If you ´re not into experimenting and prefer your standard British fair there are many cheap English bars that offer pie, burger, sausages, full English and chips. Digby´s in the Javea Park area, although not in the best surroundings, is the best breakfast in town, the cook Jan is known by all as Mrs Breakfast and has cooked breakfast in the town for as many years as most can remember. Mono Loco on the road just behind the Arenal beach offers a great value set menu, 3 courses for apx 5 euros. A salad starter, a choice of traditional British main courses and a pudding. Both these bars also have reasonable drink prices.

The An Shebeen Irish bar is a little bit more expensive, but their menu of the day is huge and at apx 10 euros a head is great value. Watch out though because their drinks and evening meals are expensive.

Anyone who’s ever visited Javea will know of Scallops, a ridiculously cheap restaurant on the beach front. I myself do not rate it, but many others swear by it.

If you have a car and want to venture outside of Javea, you can try one of the many restaurants on the Jesus Pobre road. This road runs parallel to the N332 out of Javea old town. The 121, The Montgo and Las Brisas are 3 English run restaurants that all offer daily menus, The Montgo is the cheapest and always extremely busy. The 121 and Las Brisas are bit more expensive, but if you choose carefully can get a meal for 2 for 30 euros.


There are 5 Indian Restaurants in Javea. The Indian Palace in the Arenal and the Ghurkha Palace in the port are great, but expensive, on an evening you can quite easily spend 50 euros a couple, but, they both offer lunchtime menus that you can take advantage of. If you are looking for a reasonable Indian all day then the restaurant called the Traditional Indian in a small road in the Port offers a choice of 3 different courses and a starter for apx 10 euros a head day and evening. Which isn’t bad quality, I’ve had it a few times and enjoyed it.


Where do I start! There are many, many Chinese restaurants, but, most are Mono Sodium Glutamated (MSG) up to the hilt! All Chinese’s are cheap, I would never expect to pay more than 30 euros a couple and this would be very expensive. The popular one for locals is the Shanghai, on the main road in the Arenal, which has a really good menu between 5 and 10 euros. My favourite Chinese is in Benitachell, called the Asia, their crispy duck is huge and only costs 10 euros for a half duck. You will need a car to get to this one. Another one that I like in the Arenal area is the Indo – Chinese, I’m never quite sure of its name, but, it’s on the opposite corner to the BBVA bank and has a deep blue sign.


My favourite Pizza restaurant is run by Germans and not Italians. It’s called the Grotto and is located on the Arenal to Port road just up from the Parador Hotel. The pizzas and pastas are all home made. Although, it can be expensive if you order starters and main courses other than pizza and pasta. Their pizzas range from 6-10 euros.

Etiquette for Eating and Drinking

A Muslim has a lot of importance attached to what he or she eats or drinks. He wants to know the source from where it came from, whether it is from a pure source or not. He eats, not for the pleasure of eating, but simply because he must eat to maintain a healthy body so that he can worship Allah, his maker. This, he believes is (i.e. the worship of Allah) what qualifies him for the life after, where he hopes to have eternal happiness. Therefore, if he is not hungry, he does not eat, if he is not thirsty, he does not drink. As written by Allah’s messenger (SAW) “We are a people who do not eat until we are hungry, and if eat, we do not eat to our fill.” This goes to say, that Muslims must adhere to the manners of eating and drinking that the shariah has issued.

These include the following:

1) A Muslim should try to make his food and drink pure by preparing them from the permissible pure sources that are free from any taint of the forbidden or doubtful. Allah said “O you, who believe, eat of the lawful pure things that we have provided you.” (2:172) the lawful things are things that are free from any form of filth or being noxious.

2) The intention for eating should be to strengthen oneself for the purpose of worshipping Allah and to be rewarded for one’s eating and drinking. This permissible act therefore, becomes an act of worship, which in turn, is recorded by Allah, because it is done with good intention.

3) If the hands are not clean, or one is not sure that they are clean, then the hands must be washed before eating.

4) In order to make the food modest, it should be placed on a spread on the floor, rather than on a table.” Allah’s messenger does not eat on a table or from a platter.”

5) Before eating, one should sit in a moderate form. He should rest on his knees, and sit with the top of his feet on the ground, and his body resting on the bottom of his feet. Also, he may put his left leg erect and sit upon his left leg, as the manner that Allah’s messenger said “I did not eat while reclining. Instead, I am a servant, so I eat like a servant sits.”

6) Instead of finding fault with the food presented, he should be satisfied with it. If he likes the food, he should eat it, but if he didn’t like the food, he should leave it.

You Can Beat Bulimia, Eat Naturally and Drink Alcohol Too

Often when people are recovering from bulimia or binge eating, they are worried that they are not “allowed” to drink alcohol. In my opinion this is totally unnecessary. We need to treat drinking alcoholic drinks just the same as any choice we make with regard to our bodies. Does our body really want this at this time?

Natural Eating teaches us to listen to our body and give it what it wants when it needs it. Therefore, we notice we are hungry, we decide what we want to eat and we stop when we are satisfied. These are the first three principles of “Natural Eating”. You can apply these principles to drinking as well. If you feel like a wine, a beer or any other type of beverage then you should have one. The problems only start to occur when you feel you want to binge on the alcohol, which is exactly the same as bingeing on food.

In these circumstances you are out of control. Through following the principles of Natural Eating you learn how to be in control of what you eat or drink all of the time, instead of the food or drink controlling you. It is all about your mindset and how you talk to yourself about food or drink. If you are bingeing, you probably have negative associations. You feel guilty or bad if you want to enjoy your favourite food or beverage. If you are constantly telling yourself you are not allowed certain food items or drinks, then naturally you are going to want them all the time. It is when we start to trust ourselves and permit ourselves to have the food or beverage that we really want, that we find we are now in control. Ironically we won’t actually want them all the time anyway because we have turned those negative associations into positive ones.

So enjoy your favourite drink, however it’s important to really enjoy it. Sit down, savour it, sip it slowly and enjoy the taste and how you feel while you are having it. Once you’ve had your drink and thoroughly enjoyed it you will more than likely find that you are satisfied and are happy to do something else. If you feel compelled to get another one, simply ask yourself. “Do I really want another drink?” Sometimes we reach for our second or third drink or food item out of habit or comfort and not because we really want it. If you are not sure, try having a drink of water or doing something else instead. You will soon know if you really want the drink or not. It is also important to understand how you will feel once you’ve had it. If you feel good about yourself then have it and enjoy it, but if it is making you feel guilty or you know you will feel guilty later, try and do something else instead.

If we follow the principles of natural eating it is not necessary to eliminate anything from our menus, including alcoholic drinks. However if you are really listening to your body and giving it what it truly wants and needs, you may find you will be satisfied quite easily on smaller portions or just one or two drinks. Trust yourself, believe that you are the right person to make the appropriate choices for you and enjoy the food and drink you like.

Eating And Drinking Habits

Eating and drinking is probably more favorite than sex. Sex is more intense, but food satisfies on a daily basis and that often three or more times a day. The art is to vary kinds of food, from the ordinary to the exquisite, from water to wine and back. It is up to the individual Christian whether one believes in fasting or not. Some people fast not on religious grounds, but for reasons of health.

On the left side of the golden mean in these matters there is unhealthy business that can deteriorate. Some people literally want to be like animals, they strive for this and they eat raw meat. There is nothing wrong with appreciating filet americain, but if one entertains a predilection for raw meat, then there is something seriously wrong with you. In the desert the Israelites of ancient times ate raw quails and the judgment of God came over them. Cannibalism is rare and very criminal of course. But on the right there is the rare Hindu idea of attempting to live off air as such. People that believe in that seem to have a suicide wish and at least are very desperate. The apostle Paul states that those that eat meat, should not despise those that only want to consume vegetables (like the Seventh Day Adventists). But the vegetarians should not condemn those that eat meat. Also here one can get trapped by extreme life styles such as veganism and even diets on juices only (of course pure juices, not the sugary junk that you buy in the super market). But even this can serve for a good temporary purpose.

Out of routine one can develop lopsided eating and drinking habits, such as eating too many hamburgers and drinking too much cola. But John the Baptist fared well with a diet on wild honey and grasshoppers. But of course, when back out of the desert also he must have enjoyed a sturdy dinner. I remember when young that sugar was a treat. Now people in the Western World have become sweet tooths and that to such an extent that it is dangerous. Sugar can even be found in sambal. But our habits are difficult to break. But we must, if we want to be serious about our national and individual health.

Diets such as the one by Dr. Atkins are dangerous for one’s blood pressure, not to mention one’s heart. Many are the souls that have tried alternative food styles by will-o’-the-wisps out of a desperate desire to lose weight or to gain their health back. I admit that these are confusing times to acquire knowledge about healthy diets. In Japan people learn already about food from a young age. People like Jamie Oliver face an uphill battle against food moguls and lethargic eaters. Also we tend to go for cheap rubbish instead of things that are good for us. But what is wiser, to save money in the short run and to run up expensive medical bills once one is older; or to go for health, energy and a general feeling of well being?

Many go from one extreme to the next and get stranded in exaggerated training of the body. Also to the detriment of quality time with one’s family and study opportunities for one’s career. Some resort to anabolic steroids just to look healthy and strong and in the process they ruin their body and deviate from their original intentions. Insanity training is just that, insanity.

From a biblical perspective there is found some healthy advise. Once in a while make merry on the occasion of a birth day or wedding. Get tipsy once in a while (unless you are a reformed alcoholic), but let the situation not get out of hand. The Bible warns against over doing it, but also advertises a jolly good dose of merriment once in while. Paul advises Timothy, his convert, to drink a bit of wine for the sake of his health. Then Solomon states that the righteous person eats to satisfaction of his soul. That means we should not keep eating to still our nerves or to eat too much habitually to deal with a deeper problem of emotional pain. To resolve the latter we are advised to live off every word that comes out of the mouth of God.