You Can Beat Bulimia, Eat Naturally and Drink Alcohol Too

Often when people are recovering from bulimia or binge eating, they are worried that they are not “allowed” to drink alcohol. In my opinion this is totally unnecessary. We need to treat drinking alcoholic drinks just the same as any choice we make with regard to our bodies. Does our body really want this at this time?

Natural Eating teaches us to listen to our body and give it what it wants when it needs it. Therefore, we notice we are hungry, we decide what we want to eat and we stop when we are satisfied. These are the first three principles of “Natural Eating”. You can apply these principles to drinking as well. If you feel like a wine, a beer or any other type of beverage then you should have one. The problems only start to occur when you feel you want to binge on the alcohol, which is exactly the same as bingeing on food.

In these circumstances you are out of control. Through following the principles of Natural Eating you learn how to be in control of what you eat or drink all of the time, instead of the food or drink controlling you. It is all about your mindset and how you talk to yourself about food or drink. If you are bingeing, you probably have negative associations. You feel guilty or bad if you want to enjoy your favourite food or beverage. If you are constantly telling yourself you are not allowed certain food items or drinks, then naturally you are going to want them all the time. It is when we start to trust ourselves and permit ourselves to have the food or beverage that we really want, that we find we are now in control. Ironically we won’t actually want them all the time anyway because we have turned those negative associations into positive ones.

So enjoy your favourite drink, however it’s important to really enjoy it. Sit down, savour it, sip it slowly and enjoy the taste and how you feel while you are having it. Once you’ve had your drink and thoroughly enjoyed it you will more than likely find that you are satisfied and are happy to do something else. If you feel compelled to get another one, simply ask yourself. “Do I really want another drink?” Sometimes we reach for our second or third drink or food item out of habit or comfort and not because we really want it. If you are not sure, try having a drink of water or doing something else instead. You will soon know if you really want the drink or not. It is also important to understand how you will feel once you’ve had it. If you feel good about yourself then have it and enjoy it, but if it is making you feel guilty or you know you will feel guilty later, try and do something else instead.

If we follow the principles of natural eating it is not necessary to eliminate anything from our menus, including alcoholic drinks. However if you are really listening to your body and giving it what it truly wants and needs, you may find you will be satisfied quite easily on smaller portions or just one or two drinks. Trust yourself, believe that you are the right person to make the appropriate choices for you and enjoy the food and drink you like.